About Me

 I grew up in Louisiana. 

I was surrounded by great food and music.  I recently moved to the "land of enchantment" in New Mexico and opened a studio.

Masters degree in Music. Former Conductor, College Professor, Teacher, life-long business associate, Navy Veteran, Grandfather,  and Film Photographer.

(photo by Caleb Alvarado)


Celebrity, Editorial, story-telling, portrait, Actor Head-shots, model-testing and portfolio development photographer.  

Studio photography -- using Profoto Strobes, Kino lights and professional cameras and high quality lenses.

Digital and Medium Format Film. Editing and retouching. 

Why shoot with me?

I believe an image is about a story -- a subject.

Often, I see images that are about the photographer -- You can see the skills presented in the editing and you can hardly see the subject/model.  Or, maybe you see over-use of Make Up and it becomes about the MU Artist.  Or, the hair stylist.

I strive to make my images about the subject.  It is about you and nothing else.

I hope that the images we take will have a lasting value.   Something we can view years from now and still have the same feelings as the day we captured it.

Location, Agencies and Publications.


Images appear in many Agency model Portfolios from NY, Miami to LA.

Nationally published for over 3 decades.

Featured in Photography series such as Breed, Pro-Edu, and many others.

Mentor and teacher to many young photographers from Colleges and Universities studying Photography.

Using Format