About Me

 I grew up in Louisiana and was surrounded by great food and inspiring music.  All forms of Art became the center-point of my life. 

Masters degree in Music. Former Conductor, College Professor, Teacher, life-long business associate, Navy Veteran, Grandfather,  and Film Photographer.

(photo by Alejandra Cisneros)


Celebrity, Brand and digital marketing development. Editorial, story-telling, portrait, Actor Head-shots, model-testing and portfolio development photographer.  

Studio photography -- using Profoto Strobes, Kino lights and professional cameras and high quality lenses.

Digital and Medium Format Film. Editing and retouching. 

To Schedule a Shoot.

Email:  bupton1@mac.com for rates and schedule.

Location, Agencies and Publications.


Images appear in many Agency model Portfolios from NY, Miami to LA.

Nationally published for over 3 decades.

Featured in Photography educational series such as Breed, Pro-Edu, and others.

Mentor and teacher to many young photographers from all walks of life.

Publisher:  Zephyr Magazine


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